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"Life is a whole lot easier if you take the time to plow around the stump" ~ Unknown

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Regardless if you have a small business or need a larger site for your items or displays, there is a perfect location available for your needs.


Welcome to 3 Oaks Community Market

Welcome to 3 Oaks and thank you for accepting our invitation to stop by. 
Please be patient while we rebuild our website in October; all members have been emailed the link for using the old website while we create and test the new one. You have been invited because we have either met you in person during our travels or someone has recommended that we contact you due to the interesting nature of your business, art, or items. 

If you are a first time visitor with us you may be interested in the Discussion Forums and Frequently Asked Questions areas.  Feel Free to explore the website but please be aware not everything is online or fully functional yet. 

News and Updates

September 30th 2013.

We have broadened our efforts in search of interesting items, artists, and business owners and we have begun inviting them to come visit the website and to participate in our forums.
We are still visiting local markets and working to find a unique blend of owners and hobbiests whose products and ideas compliment each other.  For the moment we are an invitation only selection process.  Eventually the vendors themselves will decide how best to proceed if a change is needed, but nobody wants 20 people selling the same thing.  While a little competition is healthy, too many of the same thing merely takes up market space and means more walking for everyone. 

Our goal is to create an interesting place to visit and be a part of, and where we all benefit from the diversity that attracts visitors.  Merely selling space to prospective vendors is not a factor in our considerations.  Owning a business should be fun and interesting and kept as simple as possible.  Those are the main goals that we would like to guide our path as we move forward.

Random Pics

No matter what sort of environment you need we have over 25 acres to work with to help you craft the business environment you need.